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Monday, December 19, 2011


   Overall, I think the work in this class has helped me to understand the software much better; getting experience was my main concern. The support from my lab instructor, professors, and other classmates really made me able to push harder in my projects. I never wanted to just do an assignment, but do my best at an assignment.
   Learning web codes, such as HTML and CSS is something I wish to elaborate on because regardless of we do in this field we are always promoting our selves; networking is key. With, that being said having our own website in addition to a blog gives us (at least me) a sense of self.
   This course gave me a new found respect for editing and animation. I actually grew to like editing. My work from 150-160 has definitely improved. I was so scared to tackle the projects at first, now 'm comfortable. And when it comes to animation that was tedious but fun. I wish we had a call on cel-animation. =) I would love to work on that.
   but, over all this class had definitely helped my skills. THANKS!!!