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Monday, December 19, 2011


   Overall, I think the work in this class has helped me to understand the software much better; getting experience was my main concern. The support from my lab instructor, professors, and other classmates really made me able to push harder in my projects. I never wanted to just do an assignment, but do my best at an assignment.
   Learning web codes, such as HTML and CSS is something I wish to elaborate on because regardless of we do in this field we are always promoting our selves; networking is key. With, that being said having our own website in addition to a blog gives us (at least me) a sense of self.
   This course gave me a new found respect for editing and animation. I actually grew to like editing. My work from 150-160 has definitely improved. I was so scared to tackle the projects at first, now 'm comfortable. And when it comes to animation that was tedious but fun. I wish we had a call on cel-animation. =) I would love to work on that.
   but, over all this class had definitely helped my skills. THANKS!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


    This project did not go as planned. Although, I thought my final product was decent I had a lot of challenges along the way. The most difficult part was really getting familiar with the software. And, I believe that was a problem because the time I could go to lab for long periods at once was when there was no tech. to help; so, I Googled or YouTubed tutorials on how to edit certain things. But, when the technician or teacher was there I would ask a lot of questions. Outside of the time restraint and my software skills I felt the biggest issue was the sound/ image relationship. I had this whole idea for the storyboard that fell through because my lack of know how. Plus, when I hear my peers complain about budgeting and resources I truly understand now. Thankfully we used the schools equipment and computers, but if I wanted to set up a story with actors and a certain visual setting, getting a hold of all those external materials is hard in and of itself. I worked with what I had, which is a lot of photos and videos that Thu gave me, luckily; I had a lot of options.
      When I dissected the materials I had I started to sync certain images to the beat of the first song I used. But, between the adaptations I had to make from the first critic and the way the photos flowed with the background music it just wasn’t working. So, I changed the song and made it work. After I changed that I saw certain sections in my head that I was sure I wanted to do; I did what I knew I wanted first then I filled in the gaps. And, as an artist I feel like these obstacles allowed me to break the goals, which were actually limits, I put on myself. The things I didn’t expect to put in the video like the Lilo and Stitch segments were the things that got the most laughs, which was a good thing.
     If there were things I could change about my project it would be the timing of the slides when Thu was describing her mother. And, the beginning montage when Thu has her journey to the media lab I wanted to but a Vietnam video that faded in the background, not just the photos of the war. For the end I would have had the final photo go from black and white to color as it was zooming in from the Thu and her parents to just Thu’s face. But, I was happy I got a chance to dip my feet in the editing pool; I can’t wait to do it again!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Relationship Btwn Sound-Image/Image-Image

Here is a link that shows the “I want my cigarettes" scene, from the film
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Choosing a Linear piece of Media was hard, I think I chose a safe bet by picking a film that was made before non linear editing was popular in the 1990's. Either way this is a scene that starts at the beginning and progresses to an end point.

When it comes to the relationship between sound and image I thought was cleverly done. It’s common for films to have music underlying the dialog to enhance the mood of a scene. But, this only had dialog which in my opinion enhanced the relationship between the images. And, allowed me as a viewer to focus on the dialog between the characters (to really observe their tone and emotions).

The scene opens up with the character Cheswick asking with a stern voice for his cigarettes. The sound of ONLY his voice automatically makes me feel present; it draws me into the scene.
The camera shots shift between the patients and staff in a slow rhythm. These images play on the silence in the background; it symbolizes the built up tension and anger that wells up in nurse Ratched.  When Mcurphy says, “Cigarettes are not important, will ya”, and see nurse Ratched’s bitter look I understand where her fury comes from at that moment. That particular shot with that specific dialog lets me know she wasn’t angry about the cigarette at all. She was angry about McMurphy trying to control her patients; he is in a sense, taking away her authority.

The shots become short and faster as of view bounces from patient to patient, and back to Cheswick.  These images go along with the fact they are passing around a cigarette and that Cheswick wants “his” cigarettes. But, it also perfectly correlates the sped up dialog. The images are more chaotic and sounds grow louder expressing the growth of Cheswick’s temper.

The sound eventually dominates the images to represent the tension and opposing sides between the staff and patients. Nurse Ratched’s voice is calm and on the opposite side of the spectrum Cheswick is still really loud. She uses her calm voice to manipulate Cheswick into being calm too. This is an awesome transition to Cheswick ‘s” I hate you, but I’ll do what you say anyway” facial expression.

As the scene progresses see the image of Cheswick’s second outburst is provoked by an environmental chaos. (Before it was his frustration led to the passing cigarette chaos frenzy, now it was another patient’s outburst that allowed him to scream.) The image of the patients’ reaction to his pants on fire is symbolic for Cheswick’s internal state. For all the patient’s internal states as we find out late in the film, because they all in a sense feel trapt.

Finally, when I saw see and heard McMurphy break the glass I was relieved. The sound broke my built up tension/anxiety as an audience member. But, it was too little too late. The cigarettes didn’t matter anymore Cheswick was too far gone in his emotional state. The image of him being held and taken left me upset.

The relationship between Sound-Image and Image- Image had definitely created a moment in me and dragged me through several emotions. It served its purpose in plot, but it was an extremely well done representation of the characters' mental and emotional state.

There were a lot of shots that switched perspectives, but that is justified because was giving a fair share, each character was represented.  It made the battle between the McMurphy and Ratched was clear and it showed how McMurphy’s authoritative nature is used a leader to the patients with no say.

Monday, October 17, 2011


INTERVIEW WITH THU from Dana D'Adamo on Vimeo.

This is an interview with my classmate, Thu. She talks about her relationships with her parents and how their hardship led her to lead a life of choice and freedom.